The Farm

In 2008, I co-founded Wealth Underground Farm. The farm was concieved as a working alternative to the industrial food system, a system which is increasingly inhumane and unhealthy. The intention of the farm is to grow good food, both for ourselves and for our friends and immediate community. The farm's name reflects my desire to think differently about "wealth,"  and give my energy to sustaining a model where community and ecological health is given higher value than economic standing. 

From 2009-2014 we operated the farm using the CSA (community supported agriculture) model, where 30 families received weekly shares of our seasonal organic vegetables every growing season and maintained a direct connection and relationship to the people and space where their food was being grown. Currently the farm consists of an acre of diversified organic vegetables, fruits, and pastured laying hens. We also tend an adjoining orchard, herb and pollinator garden, a plot of heirloom blueberries, and several pastures for livestock. From the beginning, the majority of the field work on the farm has been accomplished using hand tools and hard work with the aid of time and intuition. The farm continues to be both a physical place to cultivate diversity and practice ecological sensitivity and also a conceptual model to think about systems that are small scale, initimate, and community-oriented.